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MirOil Portable Fry Oil Filter Machines

MirOil portable deep fryer oil filter machines achieve maximum performance for removal of fine crumb and food materials at the lowest cost. With both hand operated and electric options available for various fryer sizes, invest in a MirOil portable oil filter machine for the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to filter fryer oil.

The process of deep-frying heats fry oil up to temperatures that degrade the oil and change its chemical makeup. This results in the accumulation of unhealthy oil break down substances. In addition, when you're frying your foods, pieces of food and breading can be left in the oil, and these particles need to be removed so that your food remains at peak quality and your machine doesn't get clogged up. In addition, gunk in the oil makes it slower to heat, costing you more in electricity and time. More importantly, gunk in the oil is not healthy as the bits carbonize and this is carcinogenic.