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MirOil FryPower is the best oil stabilizer available

Miroil FryPowder is a food-safe adsorbent filter aid and antioxidant oil stabilizer designed to for consistent and enhanced food quality, and to extend the lifespan of your cooking oil. It is a filter aid when you filter, and an oil stabilizer when your fry. Daily use of MirOil FryPowder can increase your oil cost savings by up to 40%! Miroil Frypowder slows down the accumulation of deposits in fryer oil to preserve its freshness for longer. You can either mix this multifunctional product into hot oil at the start of your frying process or utilize it in a MirOil oil filter machine for enhanced filtering.

Utilizing MirOil FryPowder couldn't be more straightforward. These fryer oil purifiers are conveniently available in pre-measured sachets tailored for typical commercial deep fryer dimensions. Just tear open a sachet every 6 to 8 hours during frying – there's no need to wait for the oil to cool!