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Filter as many as 1000 fryers for half the cost of paper filters

MirOil EZ Flow reusable frying oil filters effectively remove far more micron-size food particles than traditional costly paper filters. MirOil fry oil filter bags will allow for up to 1000 filtering sessions at a fraction of the cost of paper filters! MirOil EZ Flow filter bags have long been regarded as the superior quality frying oil filtration medium available worldwide. MirOil filter bags also integrate seamlessly with MirOil filtration systems for  better oil filtration.

MirOil EZ Flow filter bags are available in several micron levels. You can filter oil using a coarse bag or a fine bag, depending on what you need. Because of their size and micron rating, reusable oil filter bags can be utilised throughout the food processing chain. They can be used for frying, oil clarifying, and other filtration tasks. The fine mesh filters out even the smallest contaminants, leaving cleaner, clearer oil, and the coarser bags filter out larger contaminants too, making them an excellent choice for heavy crumb loads.

The polyethylene polymer used for the bags is extremely strong and conforms to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials. This material has been thoroughly tested and doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals into your oil like normal filter papers.

MirOil EZ Flow reusable cooking oil filter bags are also very easy to clean with just some hot water. They are constructed of durable, food-grade materials and are built to last.